Candidates for Mayor

Stephanie Burke: Hello my name is Stephanie Muccini Burke and I’m a candidate for re-election as mayor of the city of Medford. I’m the proud daughter of Lee and George Muccini and grew up on First Street in Wellington. My husband, Brian, and I have been married for 31 years and we are blessed to have three beautiful children who attended public schools and went on to college. Medford has been a wonderful place to raise our family and it’s why we choose to stay here each and every day. I attended our public schools and was first to my family to go to college, and worked my way through Suffolk University. Commuting each day and working two jobs taught me the value of hard work.
I received my Bachelor of Science in Business with a major in Accounting, went on to work for a big aid accounting firm and earned my CPA license. I, then, attended Bentley University evenings to obtain my Masters in Taxation. I decided to venture out on my own in order to raise my family while I continued on my career path. I, then, established Rycon Financial in Medford Square named after my two sons. It was during this time I ran for City Council serving for 15 years, then, as Medford’s Director of Budget and Personnel for five years, and now, just shy of two years as your mayor and the CEO of the city of Medford. this level of experience prepared me to be your mayor.
This level of experience allows me to be accountable. This level of experience has and will continue to move this city forward. As a CPA, I deeply understand how important it is to have a well-managed city. We preserved Medford’s high-quality bond rating. We strive every day to spend our taxpayer’s money wisely and efficiently. We work hard to garner grants to improve the quality of life in our city. We have accomplished much in improving Medford’s infrastructure through our Complete Streets initiative. We’ve moved forward to repave and fix major roads throughout Medford. You will notice work being done in every section of this city.
We’ve also begun the process of building a new state-of-the-art police headquarters to better accommodate our law enforcement personnel and serve the public. It is essential in this day and age for our city to remain safe and sound. Public Safety has and will remain a priority as demonstrated by the purchase of a new fleet of police cruises, breathing apparatus, internal gear for our firefighters, new trucks, and equipment for DPW. As much as infrastructure and equipment is vital to public safety, are the tools are necessary in today’s fight against the opioid epidemic.
That is why I’ve hired a full-time recovery coach to aid in this fight and to augment the other educational services that this city has continually offered. This disease knows no boundaries. And while having a safe community is of the utmost, quality of life is also measured by the investment we make in common spaces within our community. We partnered with the MAPC to lay out plans for an improved Medford Square. This master plan actively included residents and business owners input throughout the process. This collaboration has helped us plan for bicycle accessibility, safer streetscapes, connectivity of our pathways, and refocusing on our jewel, the Mystic River.
Concurrently, work has begun on the Riverside Plaza project, enhancing the hub of Medford Square. This park will be transformed into a multi-use offering for generations to engage in passive recreation or simply enjoy an event. Just this week, we signed a contract for professional management company, Bill Bloom, and Wright Presents of the Wilbur theatre to promote our gem, the Chevalier, to serve as a catalyst for arts and culture as well as economic development in Medford. This will create jobs, opportunities for our small businesses, and exciting new entertainment for all. As thrilled as we are about the Chevalier, we are equally proud of the creation of a full-time Recreation Department.
This offering has been lacking in our community and now we will have a department that will serve all ages especially our youth. Our students are our future, thus, of key importance is expanding educational opportunities in our public schools, by promoting new programs at Medford high such as environmental studies, engineering, robotics, and a host of AP classes, to the new media Center, in hands-on culinary arts restaurant, Bistro 489. Our students are our future and with these uplifting programs, talented teachers, supportive parents, Medford’s future has never looked brighter. Medford is a city like no other. It is home to generations of families and many new residents.
We are a welcoming City. My education, experience, knowledge of government, and deep commitment to this city is demonstrated daily. I am very proud of my first term accomplishments, but there is more work to be done. Being mayor is more than a title; it’s living up to the promise to serve. Please allow me the honor of continuing to serve as your mayor and ask for your support on Tuesday, November 7th. Check out my website at, and thank you.

David McKillop: Good afternoon. My name is David McKillop and I’m candidate for mayor of Medford. I’m married to my wife of 26 years, Lisa Marchino McKillop. And have resided in North Medford for the same amount of time, where we raised our four children, David Junior, Teresa, Matthew, and Anthony; all of whom have gone through the Medford Public School System. And although my work experiences have taken me outside of the city limits for most of my adult life, it does not lend credence to the notion that I do not have a vested interest in my own hometown. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.
It gives me the unique opportunity to take what great ideas and ways of doing business I’ve learned in several different states and apply it here. It has given me insight to varying labor laws and ways to work within their parameters, policies, and procedures. I’ve experienced many different cultures and ways of thinking from city to city, giving me insight to varying diversity. I’ve learned over the years the art of collaboration and how it can foster true creativity and excellent outcomes. And above all else, I have been true to who I am. Those who know me best will tell you I’m a man of my word. I’m a man who will stick to a code of ethics even though it may not benefit me from getting ahead.
And I’m a firm believer that we are all on the same playing field of life and that no one deserves to be treated less than anyone else. In my 30 years experience, it has created many parallels to running a municipality. Managing and creating budgets for many years, ranging from a million to a hundred million dollars, I can set up and break down a budget to see where the opportunities lie. I have created and implemented countless budgets, allowing me to understand the terminology of a budget and where to look for unbalanced monies are inaccurate spending. As a negotiator for many vendors and insurance contracts vital to the success of cash flow within a budget allows me the opportunity for frank negotiations.
My commitment is, I will never walk away from a negotiation if it makes more sense on both sides to find common ground. Hiring, training, and developing over 5,000 employees in my 30 plus years, I have developed follow-up tools to ensure the success of individuals. For example, performance evaluations and action plans, creating opportunities of individual successes. Creating training and development programs for better customer service skills that the employees can use as tools to their individual success. Let’s face it, municipality is the ultimate customer service industry.
Taking pride in putting my team first when goals are accomplished or exceeded expectations, not afraid to put myself out front when we fail and take responsibility when necessary for my team. I take pride in the fact that I’m approachable and my door is open to everyone. I have always said I cannot fix a problem if I do not know about it, so let’s talk. These are the six most important issues frustrating citizens. Parking. So let’s hold Republic to the fire and eliminate these kiosks or discuss ways to eliminate the contract and create our own in-house program putting Medford citizens to work.
Infrastructure issues like tree stumps sidewalks streets and, of course, crosswalks. Take general fund money that’s not part of the Complete Streets project and get certain emergency situations done. Let’s have a clean and inviting city. The police, fire station, and safety have the necessary personnel involved in any conversations regarding building of a fire and police station. Hire the grant writer needed for the city so we can start planning on this project. Also, create a line item for hiring staff that conforms to the projected growth of the city and the amount of fire and police needed to ensure the correct safety for both the citizens and our first responders.
Communication. The lack of good communication between the administration and the City Council. I will be at the City Council meetings once a month or as requested. I have the rapport with the city councilors and I will continue to foster a better working relationship as well as create workshops with the city councilors, the department heads in the administration, and the citizens in a casual environment allowing for frank discussion and creative ways to move the city forward. The downtowns, although the master plan is and has been a good starting point for many, many years, it is still not enough.
We need to address the office of community development and the overall infrastructure of the administration to better prepare for the anticipated growth spurt this city will incur. The school system. Set goals to get the Medford school system into the top 50, so we can compete with surrounding cities and ranking and funding to better our standings. These are the reasons why I’ve decided to run. I would truly like to debate these issues in more with the current mayor, Stephanie Burke, but she has, as recent as today, not committed to any type of debate; only a forum scheduled on October 12th.
This is the reason I need your help on November, so we can fix what prevents us from moving forward and focusing on our future. My name is David McKillop and I need your vote on November 7th. It’s time to put Medford back on the tracks to growth, results, and prosperity.

Candidates For City Council

Natalie Breen: Hi everyone. My name is Natalie Breen and I’m running for Medford City Council. I’m 24 years old, a lifelong Medford resident, a proud graduate of Medford Public Schools, an appointed member of our commission for persons with disabilities, and most importantly a first-time candidate for public office.
I’m running because I love this city. I grew up here and I want to be here for a long time to come. I’m personally invested in taking Medford to its full potential. I want Medford to be the best it can be. We need a young female voice on the council to bring energy and new ideas.
I have no past political experience but this means that I have no notion that we have to do things in certain way. I offer a fresh new perspective that we are severely lacking in this city.
Areas that are at the top of my list to address based on what I’ve witnessed myself and from talking from countless residents include our infrastructure, making sure our roads and sidewalks are safe and accessible for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists. It means maintaining and improving our streets on a regular and reliable schedule. It means when a contractor comes in to do work, they leave our streets better than when they arrived.
Public safety, our police officers and firefighters, they are currently understaffed, lack resources and are forced to work in subpar conditions. It’s not right. We need to stand for the people who stand for us.
Community access, making sure all city government is accessible and transparent. I can’t count the number of times someone told me they weren’t aware of a project until it was done. I plan to offer office hours in support of full charter review with input from the citizens of Medford.
Development, making sure we develop responsibly both commercial and residential. When considering these things, we need to think big picture and have a plan. Development is not an island. For instance, new residential developments leads to increased students in our already crowded schools, increased traffic and a need for more public safety.
My goal is to be accessible and a voice for the people. The citizen should be who drives decisions in the city. Think of me as your megaphone to help get things done. I spent the last few months meeting with residents in all different parts of Medford and I hope to hear from you too.
You can contact me at or directly on my cell phone. It’s 781-258-4693. I look forward to meeting you and I ask that you give me one of your seven votes on November 7. Thank you.

Robert Cappucci: Hello Medford, I’m Robert Cappucci. I’m running for Medford City Council. I’m 47 years old, a lifelong Medford resident, the youngest of seven in my family. Many of you know my brothers and sisters, Joe, Mike, Steve, Chester, Lisa and Linda. I’m a graduate of Franklin Pierce College of Rindge, New Hampshire with a BA in Communications. I went into teaching after graduating until I joined the Army Reserves where I got electronics training.
Currently, I’m a senior technician at a company called OmniGuide Surgical, where I make laser scalpels for doctors and surgeons. I’m running for Medford City Council on a plethora of issues, but I’ll briefly go over my top three. Number one is the tax rates in Medford. We have seen a perpetual rise in the property taxes for the last 30 years. These taxes can and should be reduced. We can also reduce taxes in the water rates.
Some of the rates that folks are paying in two- and three-family homes are outrageous. I also want to reduce the excise tax rates. I think this is beneficial for families and businesses trying to make ends meet. I also think in the long run it will help Medford actually collect more taxes by making Medford more attractive to move to. I don’t think we raise more taxes for city coffers by constantly raising the tax rates. I think we get more for our dollar if we increase the amount of taxpayers. We do that by actually reducing the rates.
Another big reason I’m running for Medford City Council is because we only have 101 police officers. For a city of our size we need 130. I want to enact the legislation, the resolutions, the city ordinances, light a fire under the powers that be to hire enough police for a city of our size. We have a new casino moving in over the course of the next year and a half, Medford is going to need more police officers. I also see a need for more firefighters, too. We’re deficient in that area as well.
I also want these officers and firefighters to have the best equipment, the best training and the best stations to work out of. Finally, and probably most important, I’ve knocked on a lot of doors across Medford in the last few weeks and the number one issue that everybody agrees with is term limits. I will push for a three-term term limit for the elected in Medford, city council, mayor and school committee. I will also push to make this so that you can’t do three terms on the city council and then run for three terms on the school committee or three terms as mayor.
They will be concurrent, meaning that if you serve two terms on the city council and then one term on the school committee, you’re out. [chuckles] Term limits will open the doors for the diverse population we have in Medford and allow new faces and new ideas to have the opportunity to be a part of our city and help it be better and to help it grow. Finally, I just want to make an appeal to the voters out there. We just had the primary. We have 38,000 registered voters in Medford. Barely 3,600 people voted in the primary election.
On general election day, we’ll be lucky to see 10,000 voters. That leaves a pool of 28,000 registered voters in Medford who don’t come out to the polls to vote. I don’t know what it is. Maybe you feel disenfranchised or marginalized, or you’re tired of seeing the same old people always get elected. You think your vote doesn’t count. Well, your vote does count. Every citizen in this city counts. I am the candidate your vote has been waiting for.
To you 28,000 voters who don’t normally vote in our municipal elections, come out this November seventh and please vote for Robert L. Cappucci, Jr. for Medford City Council. I mean what I say and I say what I mean. I’m going to do the things that I promise you on these issues that are near and dear to my heart as I know they’re near and dear to yours. Please come out and vote on November seventh for Robert Cappucci, Jr. for Medford City Council. Thank you very much. Thank you for your time.

Rick Caraviello: My name is Richard Caraviello and I am running for re-election for Medford City Council. It has been an honor and privilege to serve the city in this residence for the past five years. During this time I have learned how complicated this job is in the wide range of topics, issues I need to know ranging from public safety, education, paving streets and sidewalks zoning, and senior and veterans issues. I am not a one-issue candidate. My years of experience in the public sector and as a businessman in community volunteer have given me the skills to understand how our city truly operates.
My wife Carol and I have lived in Medford for over 60 years and we have raised our family here. Our children attended Medford schools. I have volunteered in the community in environment literacy, schools, arts, sports, and charities. With nearly 30 years of business experience including being an owner-operator, administrative director, and customer service, I have the necessary skills to carefully examine the many issues we face. Put residents interests first and keep method moving forward. I have been proud to be both a part of and lead as president, one of the most productive City Councils in many years.
A challenge for us now is how to respond to the accelerated growth in Medford. What can we do to preserve the small-town feel we love, and how do we continue to build on the great diversity in our community and ensure affordable housing? These are the kinds of problems I have experience with and can tackle. Being a city councilor is not just about what you see on television on a Tuesday night. It is truly about the things that aren’t visible. Many of my accomplishments as a city councilor didn’t happen during city council meetings.
They happened because of the relationships I have developed with City Hall and the State House. Government is about helping people. A core part of this principle is an attention to the basic quality of life issues. This includes responding to citizens requests for basic services, public safety, education, and public works. I have a proven ability to collaborate with our city staff to the chairman of common ground, develop solutions and analyze information objectively, which is an asset to the City Council as we face crucial decisions.
We need someone who understands Medford traditions and the values while bringing to the table a fresh perspective. I am committed to advocating for our aging populations by supporting programs that help seniors age in place. I will support our young families to support the development of affordable housing and smart growth throughout our city. I stand behind revitalizing Medford Square so it may be better utilized in creating an environment where businesses can flourish. You’re all my constituents with many different views and I make my decisions such as to benefit as many of you as possible.
While we may not all agree and how to get things done, everyone I meet wants safety in our neighborhoods, a clean city, places to play and shop, a place to live that’s affordable and the ability to get around town easily without speeding cars on the street, and to have an honest and transparent government. I will advocate for our seniors and veterans, most of whom have spent their entire life in Medford. The Lawrence Memorial Hospital is something I will continue to make sure stays viable in our community and continue to serve the needs of our community.
Providing these is the responsibility of city government. We do this with limited resources and must prioritize to cover as many needs as possible. I take the responsibility of developing policies and setting priorities very seriously while ensuring we work with the mayor to balance our budget. I am hoping for the opportunity to continue to preserve our small-town atmosphere and strive to make Medford an even better place to live, work and play. Your vote makes a difference and your opinion matters. I respectfully ask for your continued support in one of your seven votes on November seventh, 2017.

My name is Ann Marie Cugno and I’m of lifelong resident a Medford and a member of the Medford school committee for the past 12 years. After graduating and receiving my Bachelors of Science degree in foreign languages in criminal justice my husband and I were married and continue to grow strong after 30 years. We’ve been blessed with four sons that range from the ages of 29 to 19 years old. I’m proud to say my family and I have all graduated from the Medford public school system. Our sons successfully continue in their careers and pursue their education. Along with my school committee colleagues we’ve approved and implemented many positive changes from technology to building renovations, all utilizing state and federal grants to underwrite the cost of the projects and programs. A question frequently asked is, ‘Why am I seeking election to the Medford City Council?” The truth is, I’ve brought new changes and ideas collectively past successful programs that have had been only discussed for years to fruition.
As a city council I know I will bring the same positive changes. When I ran 12 years ago for the school committee with no open seat at the time it was clear, it was time for a candidate to be elected and to make a change. In 2014 as the elected president on the Massachusetts Association of School committees, it allowed me the opportunity to work on state and national levels representing Medford at the table in discussion of important issues. A position which I’ve been told has never been held by any other Medford school committee member or Memphis city Councillor. I’ve worked with our former mayor and continued to work with our present mayor. I’ve collaborated with my school committee colleagues, our city Councillors, state representatives and senators. I’ve served on committees with both governors Patrick and Baker. Sat down in our nation’s Capital with our congressmen and women Democrat and Republican alike with students, parents, teachers and administrators. Always replying honestly keeping true to myself while agreeing to disagree in a respectable manner.
Our city needs and uplift in many ways including our streets, cleanness business and innovative ideas. I’m tired of hearing what other surrounding cities have done and accomplished. As a council we need to work together with the mayor and administration, making our city into the vibrant exciting and upcoming city it can and will become just as much as the ones around us. We need to have open discussion among all our residents of what type of trendy city we want. We need to incorporate the appeal of our city to all ages including the younger generation our children by giving them an opportunity to want to return to an affordable and vibrant community.
With the chevalier theater partnering with a professional management company, we have a window of opportunity to make the heart of our city Medford square more appealing. More welcoming to upscale stores, galleries, restaurants, affordable housing, a proper city parking facility and maybe even a movie theater. The question I’ve heard over and over again, “Why do we have to go to another city or town?” I’m aware we do not have the amount of land other cities have but with a comprehensive plan we have enough land for us to go into the next stage. By doing so the other jewels of our city will also benefit, such as Haynes square, south, north and west Medford, the hillside Wellington Glenwood in all our city of Medford.
With money generated by innovative plans, we have more money to subsidize new facilities such as the fire stations, knowing the police station will be built. Money towards our library, education and programs, recreational programs for all ages. Revisiting the parking issue, making it sensible for all, providing a more concise and transparent program.
This changes are the reality of what the city of Medford was. What has changed our land is not shrunk our family and community values have not vanished. I’m not a Pollyanna, under these circumstances things will not change overnight it will take time but it can be done. A change that must be done is to make a change on the city council now if not what will continue to happen is time will continue to pass by and each and every year we’ll continue as it has. The discussion of why changes continue not to be accomplished because the discussion will be based on who to blame instead of making the changes to become our reality. With my experience, I’m the only uniquely qualified candidate who has accomplished and who has taken the opportunity to build consensus with every group, local, state and federal at various times to advocate for a city. I’m a candidate who votes on the issue not a promise for a vote. I’m a candidate who has proven I’ve made changes, not just speaking of changes but rolling up my sleeves and getting the work done. Continue bringing new ideas, integrity, hard work and passion to the city council that will positively impact our community and continue raising the bar. I ask for your continued support and to place your trust in me. On November 7th, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for a change. Each and every vote makes a difference. I asked for your vote, number 10 on the Medford city council ballot thank you.

Fred Dello Russo: Hello I’m Fred Dello Russo Jr and I’m grateful for this opportunity to speak with you, thank you for inviting me into your homes. First of all thank you for trusting me to serve you for the past 12 years as a member of the Medford city council, it’s been a great and privilege for me to do so. I’m proud to have been virtually a lifelong resident of the city of Medford. And I’m equally proud to be a fourth generation of my family to live here, to work here and to be privileged and honored to have a heritage of service in our community. Medford continues to move forward and I want to keep the momentum going, I’m energized and ready to do it. Over the years I’ve been part of our cities move forward. Proud of our improved schools, water, sewage and drainage improvements in our neighborhoods.
A new DPW facility which has given expanded opportunities for service and fulfillment of services in our community, I’m also proud of an ongoing complete streets program in our neighborhoods especially in our business squares where people will be able to traverse the city in a more efficient and safer way. I’ve walked together with many of you as we’ve so to make moves forward in our care for those who are suffering from addiction. And we’ve also given new focus in organization in our recreation department. Just yesterday we entered into a new agreement on the chevalier theater.
This is a recipe for success in Medford Square and for the Performing arts in our community. We’ve also made strides and issues around energy, environment diversity and inclusion. I’m proud to have been a leader and a leading voice actually in moving our police station program forward. Plans are underway now and I’ll be there right there with you as we move forward on building a new fire headquarters and training center. As a former Benedictine monk nothing could be clearer to me than the need for a new library in Medford Square.
With wise planning and implementation of state grants we’ve been promised, this dream will come true. As we speak Medford square is on the move, I’ve already mentioned the chevalier theater. A new revised master plan is on the verge of implementation, we’ve already begun construction of a new park on Riverside Av that would give added green space and gathering spaces for members of our community, both residents and members of the working community. Designs for a new hotel on the edge of Medford square are on the drawing board now.
These are exciting times for opportunity but with all this progress there’s a need to find balance, Medford is known for multi-generational families living here and for businesses– locally owned businesses that have existed over generations.
I’ll continue to work for you to try to find ways where average working people will have decent households, the opportunity to own a home and operate a business and realize their dreams. I hope to partner with our traffic engineer or consultant as we work to ease the burden of congested streets and neighborhood’s. We’ll make sure that new housing developments have affordable components and that the promises given to our elders over generations will be kept. I also want to make Medford continue to be as it has been for years of its history, a place where immigrants will continue to enjoy safety, security and opportunity. On this November seventh I ask for your vote to reelect me as a member of the Medford city council and I promise to serve you and continue to serve you well and to serve your family well. Thank you.

John: Hello my name is John Falco and I am a candidate for reelection to the Medford city council. I’m currently in my first term on the Medford city council and previously I served three terms on the Medford school committee. My wife Jackie and I reside at 123 Fulton Spring road with our three sons John, Joey and Jack. All three of my sons attend the Medford public schools. I have a degree in Business Management from the University of Massachusetts and a master’s certificate in human resources from Northeastern University. I am also a proud graduate of Medford High School. I am currently an assistant vice president for an investment management firm in Boston. I have over 25 years of finance experience with public and private global organizations.
When I first ran for a seat on the Medford city council an interesting theme emerged. Some residents have lived here all their lives and identify themselves as old Metford, while others have been here only a few years and identify themselves as new Medford. For me, it has never been new Medford or old Medford because I believe we are one Medford. One Medford that provides a welcoming home to people from all over the world,I’m proud to live in a city that embraces diversity and inclusion. During my first term on the Medford city council, I have worked tirelessly to be an advocate for all residents throughout our city and to protect the integrity and quality of life in our neighborhoods.
It does not matter which part of the city you are from or how many years you have lived in this wonderful city because I believe we are one Medford. Part of my commitment to one Medford was to make government more accessible and to protect our neighborhoods. To achieve this I proposed and implemented a plan, with the assistance and support of police Chief Leo Sacco that brought the Medford Police Department’s community service meetings directly to our neighborhoods. These new neighborhood meetings which were previously held at police headquarters cultivated engagement between residents in the Medford Police Department by providing an opportunity for residents to meet the men and women who patrol their neighborhoods.
This type of community engagement promotes collaboration which is a key component for strong and vibrant neighborhoods in our community as a whole. Traffic throughout our city is a problem that continues to have a negative impact on the quality of life for all residents across all neighborhoods. The first resolution I offered was that the city hire a traffic engineer to study this significant problem. Week after week I stopped advocated for this position because I believe it will aid in improving public safety and the quality of life for all residents. Through this hard work and determination, a traffic engineer was finally included in this year’s budget. I also pride myself on being a pro-advocate, a proactive city councilor. When Malden officials were discussing a potential development of the old Malden hospital site, I offered a resolution to create a subcommittee which I serve as chair to study the impact that this development could have on Medford. I’ve continuously spoken about and advocated for a complete review of our zoning ordinances. Zoning in Medford has not been reviewed in over 50 years.
Other initiatives that I have supported include, I led the effort to bring legislative software to City Hall to increase transparency and give residents easy access to watch public meetings and view public documents. I led this subcommittee that created the University Accountability Act to protect residents in the hillside neighborhoods in South Medford neighborhoods and to protect the Tufts university students. I supported the building of a new police station. I supported the purchase of new police cruisers, turn out gear for the Medford fire department and vehicles for the DPW.
I supported lowering the speed limit to 25 miles per hour, in the interest of public safety. I also supported extending the demolition delay process for historical properties from six to 18 months and I also voted in favor of charter review. This is a pivotal moment in our community as we are in the midst of political economic and cultural change. If re-elected I will continue to advocate for the following. A complete review of our zoning ordinances to guide future smart and responsible development, improve pedestrian and bicyclist safety and improve traffic pattern throughout the city by working with the traffic engineer. Improvements to our downtown business districts to promote economic development. Resources, equipment and staff to support and protect our police and fire departments and public works employees. Medford continues to be a great place to live, work, play and raise a family. With its rich past and promising future. We are a city on the rise with a great deal of opportunity and potential.
Over the next two years, I look forward to working with you and advocating for you to move Medford forward. As I stated previously, I truly believe that we are one Medford. I respectfully ask you for your vote on Tuesday, November seventh. My name is John Falco, number three on the ballot. For more information regarding my candidacy please go to, thank you.

Adam Knight: Hi, my name is Adam Knight. I reside in West Medford with my wife Allison and our sons Ryan and Brendan. I’m currently seeking reelection to the Medford City Council. I’m number four in your ballot and asked for one of your City Council votes. I’m a product of the Medford public schools, graduating from MHS in 1996, and then went on to earn a bachelor’s degree in political science from Merrimack College, and a master’s degree from Suffolk University in public administration.
Professionally, I first began my career in government nearly 20 years ago, working on Beacon Hill as an aide to the late State Senator Charles E. Shannon, then in the labor movement, and now, at the executive office of Labor and Workforce Development. I’ve had the opportunity to work on many initiatives that have benefited our community, like marriage equality, universal health care, the Green Line Extension, the long-term leasing of the Flynn and LoConte skating rinks, and the School Building Assistance Program, to name a few.
It’s through these experiences, I’ve learned how to get things done, things that made a difference for Medford. With the current operating budget at $166 million and council appropriations nearing $13 million over the past term, it is safe to say that qualifications and experience matter. The operation of our government is serious business and I’m grateful I’ve been able to earn your trust and to serve as your City Council.
Since my election, I’ve embraced the philosophy that results are more important than rhetoric, and this council has certainly produced results. We’ve made safe streets, great schools, strong infrastructure, and vibrant downtowns are top priorities, because these areas provide the foundation for a strong quality of life. By investing in these and other areas, we can shape the future of Medford.
Let’s talk about them. Public safety, the foundation of a safe welcoming and inclusive community is a strong responsive public safety organization. As your City Council, I have made safe streets my priority, leading the effort to install traffic calming measures and reduce the speed limit on city roadways to 25 miles an hour. We’ve approved over two million dollars for the design of a new police headquarters, and have secured funding for a substance abuse prevention coordinator and a recovery coach to combat addiction. As time passes, I will not forget our commitment to construct new police and fire headquarter buildings by the year 2023.
Education, the quality of our schools reflects and shapes the quality of our community. I’m committed as a parent and as a Medford City Council to great schools that can open a world of opportunity for both our kids and our community. In this past term, we’ve opened a new media and technology center and a full-service culinary arts program at Medford High. We’ve expanded course offerings, implemented before-school programs, reintroduced the adjustment counselors, and have kept classroom sizes low with an average student to teacher ratio of 18:1. In my next term, I’ll work with the school committee to further expand and strengthen opportunities for our youngsters, and to make sure that we deliver a new public library to the city of Medford.
Strong infrastructure, we need a responsive Public Works to provide the basic but essential services that we rely on every day. I’ve made a commitment to that end, with the funding of 12 new pieces of equipment for our DPW. We’ve secured over two million dollars in funding to replace outdated water mains and to bolster our lead abatement program. And over the next term, I’ll continue to build upon this progress by fighting for increased staffing levels, with a focus on the maintenance and upkeep of our sidewalks and roadways and improvements to our public transportation infrastructure, with traffic mitigation, pedestrian safety, and the Green Line Extension is top priorities.
Vibrant downtowns, thriving business districts add to our economic stability and greatly contribute to our overall quality of life. This is why I’ve strongly advocated for a public-private partnership for the operations of Chevalier auditorium, the construction of the Krystle Campbell Peace Garden, the Riverside Plaza, and the Clippership Connector, pedestrian safety initiatives, and many other items that are going to affect Medford Square and our business districts.
In our next session, I will work with small business owners, downtown residents, and community activists to keep our commercial, retail, and restaurant districts vibrant and alive, and most importantly, we will work towards implementing the master plan for the revitalization of Medford Square.
I’m running for reelection because I believe I have the experience, the education, and the knowledge of the issues to continue to make a positive impact on our community. There is more work that needs to be done, I would like to be a part of this work. I have an aggressive agenda and many plans for the next term, I want to keep moving forward so it can be the best place that we can be to live, work, play, and raise a family. I ask you for this opportunity. My name is Adam Knight, I’m number four in your November 7th City Council ballot and I ask for your vote. Thank you very much.

Breanna Lungo-Koehn: Hello, my name is Breanna Lungo-Koehn and I am a candidate for re-election to the Medford City Council. I’ve been a city councilor for almost 16 years and I’m currently a candidate for my ninth term. I’d like to start by giving you a little background about myself.
I was born and raised in Medford. I grew up on South Street in Medford having been raised by my parents Edward and Susan Lungo. I am proud to have a hard-working sister Ariana, who was a special education teacher in Medford. My sister and I attended St. Joseph’s School and I graduated from Medford High School in 1998. I received my undergraduate bachelor’s degree from Endicott College in 2002. I then went on to this Mass School of Law and received my Judicial Doctorate Degree in 2006. I opened a law practice in Wellington Circle, Medford over eight years ago with my longtime friend Cathleen Collins, called the Law Offices of Lungo-Koehn & Collins.
My husband David and I have been married for 10 years. He’s the owner and operator of Boston Physical Therapy & Wellness on Mystic Ave, Medford. Dave and I are extremely lucky to have three children, Bayley, who is nine and just entered fourth grade at the Roberts Elementary School, Kaliway, who will be turning seven in a couple weeks and just entered first grade at the Roberts Elementary School, and Kody who just turned three and attends GraceWorks in Medford.
I hope that my three children and all of Medford’s children grow up being afforded all the opportunities and offered all the programming that I was offered. We should strive to add to our schools the Arts, our library and extracurriculars, not take things away. Although I’ve not supported all the bonds requested that have been before me, I’ve happily supported new science labs, renovations to the Medford High School swimming pool, and new technology for our schools.
When I first ran for the Medford City Council, I stated that one of the seven should be close to the youth, and now more than ever that statement is true. I have fought for and will continue to fight for a low-class size for my children and yours, safer security measures within the schools, safer access to the schools, and better management of the schools.
In the past I’ve worked hard to help implement a girls varsity hockey team, to help establish an affordable summer camp at Medford High School and to maintain funding from Medford’s Park League Program.
I’ve also worked hard and pushed for better maintenance of our school buildings and municipal buildings. I helped make people aware of the deplorable conditions at our DPW facility, police department, and fire stations. I was extremely vocal within the last year in requesting that the fire headquarters be renovated at the same time as the police department.
I am never afraid to voice my opinions, ask the appropriate questions, demand answers and push for what I believe is in the best interests of Medford.
Within the last few years in the Medford City Council, I have moved for, fought for, been vocal on, and or supported Charter Review, senior citizen work program, elimination of the odd/even winter parking ban, a demo delay to protect historic properties, stopping a 500 unit development on Locust Street that would cripple that neighborhood with parking problems and then some, reducing the speed limit on our streets to 25 miles per hour, the purchase of new radar guns and speed monitor signs to make our streets safer, air traffic noise awareness and remedies, an ordinance to stop level 3 gas leaks, an ordinance that holds universities accountable for students that live in Medford, building maintenance especially for fire and police, transparency, and government because I still believe it is lacking.
If re-elected I will continue to be vocal and work on these issues and many more. With my 16 years experience in the Medford City Council, my years as a mother and a homeowner and my time as an attorney, I believe that Medford voters can entrust that I am able to do an effective and efficient job as their Medford city councilor. I will continue to work hard to make a difference within the city of Medford. I’ll continue to do my homework so that each and every vote I make is the right vote. The vote that I believe will benefit the city and our citizens. I will continue to be a leader and not a follower. I will continue to be as responsive as possible to everyone. I’ll continue to work with the city to solve problems and work to prevent new ones.
I want to keep fighting to stop unnecessary spending to help the hard-working taxpayer who’s trying to get by. I will continue working to earn the respect of those who trust in me. I want to take this opportunity to thank all those have supported me over the last 16 years and I ask for your support again. I will conclude by promising you that I am committed to the city of Medford. I am committed to the residents of this community and I am committed to Medford’s future. Thank you.

Michael Marks: Let me begin by saying what I hope all of you already know about me. I love this city. It has been my passion for as long as I can remember. It is why I’ve devoted the better half of my adult life to public service here in Medford. If you will give me your support, your confidence, your trust, we can soar. We can make our city the envy of its neighbors, the pride of its citizens, a legacy for generations to come.
Together we can seize this opportunity to transform Medford from the status quo into the great peerless city it deserves to be. A city on the cutting edge. Let’s make Medford the miracle city on the mystic. “What are your ideas?”, you ask. “What have you accomplished?” “What can we envision from Michael Marks?” All fair questions. Let me give you a broad overview of my accomplishments and what you can expect from me over the next two years in both style and substance. My agenda as your City Councillor will be driven by you, the residents. It will be a collaboration. My goal is to be both transparent and accessible.
As your voice, I have never shrunk from the big, contentious issues. I will continue to take them head-on. Safe is not a place I’m at. My message to our neighborhoods is this. I am your voice, I will continue to hear you. You will always have a friend in Michael Marks. I will yield to no one in my support of the neighborhoods. During the past 16 years as your City Councillor, I’ve dedicated myself to doing the people’s business and earning your trust. The revitalization of Medford is central to our success as a thriving community on the cusp of a new innovative future. Economic opportunities abound but we must reach out for them.
Today one of those opportunities exists in plain view. Three city-owned parcels of land on the eastern edge of Medford Square. As your City Councillor, I will encourage an invigorated Office of Community Development to take a more proactive role in attracting new investment and charting the future of our community. Seniors, seniors will always be on my radar. We forged our connection many years ago while I was a novice City Councillor. To this day, I actively support issues important to our seniors and will continue to marshal all the resources at my disposal to ensure that seniors always get a fair shot.
As your City Councillor, I proposed the one approval to reduce the speed limit citywide to 25 miles per hour and to create Medford’s first raised crosswalk, improving pedestrian safety. I advocated for a complete review of our current zoning laws to encourage smart road concepts and neighborhood protections. I proposed the resolution which resulted in improved emergency preparedness procedures for Medford public housing. I supported the hiring of a traffic engineer to review public safety, traffic calming initiatives and railway improvements.
As your City Councillor, I will continue to support and offer suggestions to reduce the unrelenting airplane noise over our neighborhoods. I am an early and ongoing charter review advocate to review ways on improving how city government operates. I organized a group of residents and established Medford’s dog park committee, securing a private grant to fund the first public dog park here in Medford. I proposed the one approval to create a first ever budget line item for the arts. As your City Councillor, I successfully led the charge to take back city ownership of the Hagner Center with the intent to create Medford’s first art center.
I sponsored the resolution to create temporary pop-up community space in our parks, business districts and unrented storefronts. I was the originator of a resolution to have solar panels installed to the DPW facility, reducing our carbon footprint. As a daily public transportation user, I will continue to support programs to build and improve public transportation in Medford including public bike paths and walkway improvements. I offered the resolution which created Medford’s rain barrel program to conserve and repurpose rain runoff. Now that you know who I am and where I plan to journey with you over the next couple of years, let me finish with these words.
I always have been motivated by a sense of duty, a summons to serve. What can I do for my community in years? I have an obligation to the people of Medford to get it right. I have a vision for Medford but I need you, all of you by my side, to make this vision a reality. Our best days are ahead of us. I respectfully ask that you vote for Michael Marks, Medford City Council on November seventh. Please contact me at 781-396-5387. I can be reached by email at or visit my website at I thank you.

Cheryl Rodriguez: Hello, my name is Cheryl Rodriguez and I’m running for a seat on the Medford City Council. I’m a wife, mother, and daughter. My father immigrated from Brazil as a teen and is a Marine veteran. My mother and her three siblings graduated from Medford High in the 70s. I graduated in 1993 and have a daughter who graduated in 2014. I also have a younger daughter in the fourth grade at the Roberts Elementary School. My husband, Alexis Rodriguez is a candidate for school committee. We hope to create an unprecedented link between the two bodies as we strive to do our best for the city we have chosen to raise our children in.
I’ve been volunteering for the Roberts PTO for three years, and stand proudly behind all that I have been able to accomplish with the help of the principal, teachers, and parents, I have no fear of rolling up my sleeves when I see a problem and working towards a solution. I’ve collaborated with teachers to launch enrichment nights offered free of charge for students. I’ve applied for many grants for programming. I launched the community yard sale at the school to help pay for in school enrichment classes and revitalized the after-school enrichment program. This was possible through hard work and empowering others.
My parents instilled in me the value of service and bettering my community. They also taught me to think independently. I’ve volunteered and advocated for items that were important to me in the city for most of my life. In May of 2016, I came out strong to fight for responsible development in Medford, I attended the Zoning Board of Appeals meeting regarding the 61 Locust or old Shaw’s projects. Proposed was a 490 unit apartment complex in a commercial zone. A project so grossly oversized that none believed it would pass. Unfortunately, it did, I filed an open meeting law a complaint that was substantiated by the Attorney General. The voting members resigned, the City Council and abutters are suing to overturn the decision.
I’ve helped to fundraise for the abutters’ legal fees, most recently with the first ever Medford Citywide yard sale. Medford needs strong, commercial development for economic prosperity. As a city council member, I’ll push for zoning reform and launched Medford into a city where people will work, eat, play, and sleep. This is the key to expanding our tax base without taxing out our residents. Mystic Ave is a perfect spot for this to begin. This is one of the gateways to our city. We must actively court businesses to come here. Imagine a vibrant street with lab space and office space sitting over first flow of restaurants and other businesses, pan down the street for a beer garden, a brewery and entertainment complex, a dog boarding business. The sky is really the limit.
We can include nice wide sidewalks, and a dedicated bike path as well as pedestrian safety islands and shade trees to soften the landscape. There could be a shuttle to the train station and possibly the square. Medford’s proximity to Boston is an asset and we need to make it work for us. We need to create the spark. We’ll be able to maintain and improve quality of life for both current and future Medford residents. We can do this by working together as a strong City Council to shape the zoning and the face of Medford. We need to collaborate with the mayor, work with our Office of Community Development and come up with the best plan for our city and execute it.
I promise to be a strong voice on the City Council but also an open ear. I want to hear the ideas and concerns of our residents. We all want what is best for the city and we must do it together.
I’m asking for your vote on November 7th. I’m excited to have a seat at the table I’m ready to do the work. Vote Cheryl Rodriguez on November 7th. Thank you

George “Rick” Sacco: Greetings Medford citizens. My name is George “Rick” Sacco. I’m a candidate for your City Council. As a community advocate, volunteer, husband, father, grandfather, and your neighbor, I want to help to work in bringing more leadership and positive action to your local concerns.
A lifelong resident of Medford that grew up on Sherwood Road with my parents and seven siblings, I attended Medford public schools, graduated from Medford high school. Upon graduation, I entered United States military, served in the United States Army. I was stationed in Korea on active duty. As a Medford veteran, I look back with pride, honor to have served my country.
I attended Hampshire College, received a degree in business management. I however retired from the General Electric Company after 38 years, where I worked as a Senior Sales Engineer and I am currently employed at Sacco’s Specialized Moving Company.
My wife Sandra and I have been married 46 years, raising our sons, Brian and Eric, who have blessed us with six wonderful grandchildren. In the past, I was a member of the Planning Civic Association and more recently co-hosted Medford Goes Green on the community access channel, while also serving on the Medford Energy Commission for six years where I received a green award for citizen participation.
Medford has very specific needs that must be met to improve our quality of life and our neighborhoods. What is of paramount importance, is that we as a city and community house our men and women of the police and fire departments in liveable quarters with up-to-date equipment, including vehicles, rescue, and communication equipment, and training.
We are at a low point in the city’s history with regards to this. Just take a tour of the Public Safety Building at 100 Main Street. No one should be subject to these conditions. Remember these are people we call in at times of tragedy and emergencies. We can, and we need to do better.
Along with the police and fire is the third angle of the triangle importance. The DPW, another overlooked Department in the city. Remember any one of these departments cannot respond to emergencies because of lack of resources and equipment. We will all suffer tremendously in the city. Yes, we have a brand-new DPW building, but take a tour of this facility and you will ask yourself, “Why such a big empty building?” This should have been planned to house the police and fire department, just a suggestion.
We cannot afford to take any more nonsensical rebuttals as to why we didn’t do this. Our sidewalks needed to be repaired in a timely manner with a scheduled program. As of now, it is done on the flip of a coin. This is unacceptable. We need to thoroughly research and discuss zoning for future development before the city becomes a concrete jungle. And just as important, we need to discuss preservation of our city, present and past.
I am committed to working with all residents, neighborhood associations, community organizations, and future colleagues at City Hall. We need to work as a team to make this happen. Being able to represent you, listen to you, and to just as important, help you is my promise to you and my goal. I bring you my experience, my knowledge, and my compassion, and understanding. I welcome your questions and would appreciate your vote coming this November. Thank you very much, George “Rick” Sacco, candidate, Medford City Council.

Ray Scarfo: Hello my name is Remo Rey Scarfo, I am a candidate for the Medford City Council. I have lived with my wife Nancy in Medford for 30 years. I own and operate a successful heating fuel oil and airconditioning business located in Medford and have done so here for 30 years. My business is one where success is dependent upon and achieved by hard work, attention to detail, time-sensitive problem-solving, critical budgetary application, detailed logistics and customer service, and the willingness to work hard to correct problems, both large and small. The important aspects of this business are the people we service and those who work with me.
Together, we created a great business where hard work is rewarded and much appreciated by our customers. You are probably asking yourself why am I running for the city council? During this campaign, I sometimes ask myself the same question. But, seriously, I’m running after much deliberation because I have a great difficulty in accepting the inability of our current administration and City Council to perform at optimum level. On behalf of the citizens of Medford, we cannot accept mediocrity in the running of our city. What is most troubling is that execution and completion of serious issues which affect Medford citizens seems to be put off for weeks, if not months, and sometimes years.
Citizens are disrespected at City Council meetings and their ideas and requests are more often than not filed away, never to be heard or acted upon. Currently, some councilors, not all, appear to act upon issues which may add to their voting block as they try to appease a special interest group. This is not in the best interest of the city. Some councilors, not all, give the appearance by their actions that they work for the mayor and not for the citizens. This is a half-hearted performance on their behalf and is unacceptable. We need to and we will change this practice. I am not promising that we can change overnight.
However, I do promise to start to put the wheels in motion for the much-needed change Medford needs and deserves. Several key issues of my platform are the following, pay to park, terminate by negotiating the third-party parking enforcement program and replace it with an in-house profitable program, and guarantee free parking for Medford seniors as was promised. This was a poorly conceived and negotiated contract by which people are still confused. Street recovery, costly? Yes. Can it be accomplished? Absolutely by proper planning, critical budgeting and putting in place the much-needed personnel, equipment and project management.
This will be a multi-year program and will finally put our tax dollars to work for us. Public safety, you already know that deplorable condition of the main building which house our police and fire personnel. For better than a year and a half, this administration has let the men and women that protect this city work in that molt, as best as covered, a rat-infested building. Even if a new building was to break ground today, it would take better than one to two years to build. Does the mayor and the City Council do nothing to clean up the deplorable conditions? You already know the lack of proper equipment which puts our police and fire personnel at risk, as well as you, the citizen.
And you already know how understaffed these departments are. Apparently, again, unacceptable. We need a solution; not smoke and mirrors; and not electioneer propaganda. A major effort needs to be put forth to be successful in remedy this terrible and dangerous situation. And, remember, election-year rhetoric will have you believing there is no problem. Well, there is a problem, a big problem. And closing, I want you to know that I promise to listen and work in your best interest. I will not sugarcoat complex problems and I promise I will be available in time, anytime, any day, any night. I will work for you, the citizen. For all the citizens.
Thank you for your time and I’m asking you for your vote on November seventh. A time for change is now. You can help make Medford work for all citizens. Thank you.

George: Hello, my name is George Scarpelli and I am running for re-election to the Medford City Council. Let me thank all the viewers for taking their time and watching this video. I would also like to thank Ben Brown from a new cable access studio for taking the time for our candidates to share their message. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a lifelong resident of Medford. I grew up on Paris Street, raised by my parents Aldo and Lily. I’m married to a beautiful wife Dina and I have two wonderful children, John 14 and Gianna 12, who both attend the Medford public schools.
I’ve attended Medford public schools, I graduated from Medford high school. I received my degree from Salem State in Education and my Master’s degree in School Administration from Cambridge College. I have coached multiple sports at Medford High School, I’ve been a teacher in the Medford public schools for 15 years and I was given a wonderful opportunity to oversee the recreation department for the city of Somerville nine years ago. I am a proud member of the Medford Mustang Hall of Fame and a member of the Massachusetts State Soccer Coaches Hall of Fame.
I was a member of the Medford school committee for six years before taking on the endeavor of running for City Council last term. Two years ago I walked the streets of Medford and I spoke with the residents and I listened to their concerns and issues. I put a plan in place that if elected I would attack head-on. One of my top priorities was having a more collaborative city council, a council that people of Medford would be proud of. Over the past year and a half, the council has worked together professionally and respectfully to at times agreed to disagree but always put the resonance in the interests of Medford first.
One good example of that is a positive collaboration during the budget that we voted seven to zero, a unanimous approval for the budget. A few key initiatives that have championed over the last year and a half was implementing a year-round recreation program. Thanks to the Mayor and administration for naming me the chairperson of our focus group. I was given the leadership role to work with educated and committed volunteers of members in our community, to work diligently, to put a plan in place that the mayor implemented in the City Council, unanimously voted for a full-time recreation department.
A recreation department that will work with seniors to preschool aged children. A department that were collaborative with a school system, Friends of the Fells, our arts community, the bike commission, Friends of Chevalier Theater, the Mystic River Association, the business community and many more partners. An important issue to me, the residents of Medford and across our country is the horrible opiate epidemic, which has personally affected me, my friends and many of you. The Mayor in the City Council has attacked this sensitive issue with great force.
By adding funds and hiring a recovery coach, whose work with the Board of Health and the police has helped the families and individuals affected by this horrible disease. Next is public safety, concerns our citizens making sure we as council supported all of our public safety personnel on the police force and the fire department. We move forward with the process of building a new police station. We purchased 12 new police cars, a new fire truck, new safety gear for our fire men and fire women, with new turnout gear and a plan set in place for a new training tower and fire headquarters.
Next, my continued support for our public schools, securing funds for the budget that allows our class sizes to be arguably smallest in the Commonwealth. The addition of nine new programs in our new state-of-the-art Vocational Technical High School that includes robotics, a restaurant, a new media center and an increase in funding for capital improvements. Those are a few of my key points that I have championed in such a short time.
I am asking you to help me continue with our shared vision for the next election season where I will continue to focus on existing successes and push forward with issues such as full review of our zoning laws to assist us in smart growth and development. To continue with the redevelopment of Medford square and the continual work with our Community Preservation Committee, to assist in positive endeavors for affordable housing, historical communities, recreation and arts. I thank you all again and I respectfully ask for your vote on November 7th. Vote George Scarpelli, number seven on the ballot, number one in your heart. Thank you.

Curtis Tuden: Hello friends family and all fellow Medford residents. My name is Curtis Tuden and I am a candidate for Medford City Council. As a lifelong resident of this wonderful city with years of experience working and volunteering in our community, I know I deserve your vote this election season. This is my first run for public office, but I have great confidence thanks to tremendous early support from residents. Together, we have what it takes to win and frankly, we need a win right now. People in our city are tired of the current political climate. Thankfully, Medford’s November 7th election is a great opportunity for change.
Voters out there asking why should I cast a vote my most important civic responsibility for Curtis Tuden? Let me tell you, there are many reasons, all of them good. First and foremost, I am the best candidate in support of Medford’s environment in public schools. My campaign is based on the need to take action in response to climate change and my career working for Medford Public Schools gave me an ideal perspective of the city’s most important public service and largest budget item.
There are so many important steps our city can take to adapt and mitigate the effects of climate change, but unfortunately, our City Council has lacked leadership. After years of volunteer service to the Medford Energy and Environment Committee and serving as the current chair, I know how to increase renewable energy use and save residents money on their electricity bills at the same time. My first act as city councilor will be to help pass community energy aggregation in Medford. It’s one of many steps towards meeting our goals and others include fixing toxic gas leaks, planning for severe weather, expanding recycling services, supporting community gardens and much more.
If elected I promise to responsibly lead Medford through all the work that needs to be done prioritizing sustainability and protecting natural resources. Of course, the city’s most important resource is our children. We protect and empower them by supporting public schools. Thousands of students and their teachers do great things in Medford every day, but there is vast room for improvement.
The same can be said for all public services and infrastructure from potholes to police and fire departments. If elected, I promise Medford will do more to meet the needs of its residents and workforce. By working together on municipal projects, we can achieve great things. The key to success is not leaving anyone behind. Medford will only progress if all community members are involved, which is why social justice issues are a primary part of my campaign.
A clear next step is for Medford to become a sanctuary city and create policy that welcomes diversity and is free of fear. Then through the process of charter reform, our city can promote equity and work to end injustice wherever it may be. I’m working hard for your vote but I’ll work even harder as your city councilor. Whatever the issue, Medford residents can count on me to care, listen and give voice to their course.
For more information about my campaign please contact me by email at Call my phone at 781-572-7196. Find me on Facebook or visit Most important, make sure to vote on November 7th and remember a vote for Curtis Tuden is a vote for change for a prosperous future and a local politics to be proud of. In conclusion, go Medford vote Tuden. Thank you very much.

Candidates For School Committee

Erin A Dibenedetto: Hello, I’m Erin A Dibenedetto and I’m running for re-election to the Medford School committee. My goal as a committee member is to be a leader who has experience and relationships to deliver solid leadership for Medford. Having served three terms on the Medford School Committee, I am bringing my record of fighting for the residents in community organizing to our city.
As a school committee member, I commit to work to make sure everyone in our school district has the opportunity to succeed, and I promise to be the honest voice of reason for all our Medford children.
My husband Joe and I moved to Medford in 1987 and raised our two children, both of which graduated from Medford High School. Joey is a graduate of Worcester State University and is getting his master’s degree in public health. Caitlin is a graduate of Tufts University and is getting her degree as a nurse practitioner.
My job as a special education coordinator for Prospect Hill Academy where I advocate for children gives me a unique insight to improving our schools. I bring my knowledge of working in a school every day to the committee.
In 2009, I decided to run for the Medford School Committee because all children deserve the best education this city can offer. Some of the things that have been accomplished while working with other members of the committee have been to ensure that we have a balanced budget without any need for supplemental appropriations.
The committee has creatively and resourcefully developed additional resources of revenue. The planning and implementation of our technology upgrades and the science lab at our high school are major accomplishments. These projects are not only offering the best education for our high school students, but they have increased programming for all our vocational students as well. As a committee, we review new legislation regularly, our committees have submitted medical emergency plans, concussion plans, and fully influence to the state.
Upgrades have been made at our Curtis Tuck School, as well as to our Kids Corner for our youngest learners. We have worked hard to keep our class size small. We have purchased new ERL and math programs for our elementary schools, and there have been many more items accomplished. When involved in interviewing and hiring new principals and evaluating the superintendent, we always try to be the voice for the parents and the students in our community.
Well, we have done some amazing work, there’s much more to do. As a committee, we need to ensure our students are prepared to compete globally for spots at our country’s best universities. We are responsible to make sure the programs offered to our children are supported with material and supplies needed for the students to have the maximum access to the curriculum. We need to preserve our traditional from vocational programs, while we keep pace with the changing needs in the workforce.
We need to analyze our test scores and make sure they are meeting the needs of all our students so they have an opportunity to excel. We need to build online learning opportunities so all students have a way to access curriculum and meet all of our students’ individual needs. We need to invest in our buildings to maintain them for years to come while working to keep our students and staff safe. We need to have open communication with administration, teachers, students, and parents.
In the coming years, this committee may be involved in hiring a new superintendent of schools, and this will be the most important role of our future committee and what it will be undertaking. I have learned from my many years of community involvement that some of the best ideas in government come from the neighborhoods, not the bureaucrats. I’m also always available to hear your ideas and concerns.
I’m asking for your vote on November 7th to continue my work and to be the honest voice of reason for all our Medford children.

Kathleen Kreatz: Hello, everyone my name is Kathleen Miles Kreatz and I’m running for re-election to the Medford school committee. I’d like to begin by telling you a little bit about myself. My parents brought me here to this wonderful city when was four months old. I attended and graduated at Medford public schools and I graduated finally with the class of 1986 Medford high school. My husband graduated from Medford vocational technical high school and he enlisted in the marines.
Like his dad, my son Noah enrolled in the Medford vocational technical high school and he is currently in the robotics engineering program. As you can see mustang blue runs deep in our family. After high school I studied business administration at Suffolk university and I graduated in 1990 with a bachelor of science degree in business administration. After college, I immediately began working at state street. I started out as a portfolio accounting.
Over the 13 years I worked there, I was promoted to auditor of client services and finally to technical specialists. In 2003, in an effort to stay home with my new adopted son, I established my own licensed family daycare business so that I could work from home and still be involved with the family. By 2006 when my son entered kindergarten, it was time for me to go back to work. I accepted a job at the math teachers retirement system, which is a pension plan for the commonwealth public school educators. I first got into students school committee after my son moved over from middle school on to high school.
I miss the interactions and happenings at the middle school and the elementary school. There was so much I had to offer, so I ran for school committee and here I am again running for a second term. I’d like to share some of the accomplishments from my first term with all of you. I supported all of the schools K-212. I made appointments with each school principal and I went out and I conducted site visits at each school.
I performed classroom observations and I went out to several schools to see what’s happening in the classrooms. Some of the stories I want to share with you. I went to visit Ms. Gaston and Miss Givings’ kindergarten class to observe K-Focus. The day I went, the children were acting out dramatic play, the three little pigs. The students had cut out some construction paper pig and construction paper my arms pig, get my legs and my arms and my ears and here I was a pig. It was so much fun, we were having a blast, it was a great experience that day, the children know so much.
On another visit I went over to Mr. Party’s class fourth grade and they were writing out commercials. I got to observe that and then later that year I was invited back to see the actual commercials. The students were dressed up and they walked down the red carpet just like Hollywood, it was awesome. Also I went over to Ms. Lasky’s fourth grade class to visit her hydroponics project. The day I went, the lettuce was ready to grow and we were going to do some taste testing. I helped cut the lettuce and we went in and we had lettuce with some dressing that the students brought in and we just all agreed that it was the best lettuce we’ve ever had, it was so crunchy and fresh and delicious.
During that year I wanted to do a field trip between the Mclean elementary and the vocational high school because they had the aquaponics tank. I helped organize a field trip between the elementary school and the vocational school and the students came over to see what high school students were working on, here at the vocational school and the aquaponics. It was a great experience and I look forward to doing that again this year. I also worked very closely with state senator Jaylan’s office to adjust the timing on a busy intersection at the corner of Fulton street in fellsway west. The crossing light for pedestrians is now 40 seconds, it used to be 15. Currently you can completely walk across safely with 40 seconds.
Recently I helped to organize a family fun day at the west Medford community center for children of ages 0 to 15. It was a great event for students, children of all ages and I am very appreciative to all the providers who donated their time. I’ve been a strong advocate for the vocational schools, after the merger, before the merger and I want to make sure that those students maintain their identity and that we’re keeping up the traditions while we grow. It’s just been wonderful to see all the changes happening there. I’ve attended concerts, field trips, I’ve been to a field trip to the museum of science with the middle school, I’ve been to the statehouse with the high school students, I’ve been to concerts at all schools, I’ve been to plays, sporting events graduations, kindergarten presentations.
I like to think of myself as a cheerleader for all the schools, going out to support each of them as much as I can. I’ve addressed and responded to parent inquiries, everything from busing to school brains. I’ve helped find solutions to their concerns and it’s been a great effort. As a committee we’ve worked very well together implementing safety updates, securing budgetary resources, increasing technology, maintaining small class size, adds to staff at all schools. There are so many great things happening in all of our schools and it’s a team effort. from the parents, the teachers, the administrator, the school committee where everybody’s working together to help the students excel in life. I love seeing the students engage in their activities and their education. It makes me smile. Over the last year and a half it’s been my pleasure to support and meet the Medford community. I look forward to seeing all the new exciting things in the upcoming years and months.
I will work hard to respond to your inquiries and your needs for your children as a Medford School Committee member. Thank you very much for your support. Remember to vote on November 7th. I would really appreciate a vote from you. Thank you very much.

Angela Moore: Hi, Medford residents. My name is Angela Maunsell Moore and I am a candidate for one of the six school committee seats. By way of introduction, my family moved to Medford from Ireland when I was six and I studied in Medford public schools. I graduated from Medford High in 1994. From there I went on to study biochemistry and religious studies at Regis College, graduated as valedictorian of my class. After having children, I went back to school to become an X-ray technologist. I’ve also worked as a kickboxing instructor.
I understand the challenges of balancing a family and a job. My husband and I decided to stay in Medford and raise our four children here. My twins are in their second year of college. I have a son that is a sixth grader at the Enders and a daughter that is a fourth grader at the Roberts. As a graduate of Medford public schools and now a parent of students in the schools, I have a unique perspective on what seems to work well within our schools and what could be improved upon.
Knowing children in Medford that attends schools at each level, from elementary through high school and interacting with parents at all levels, has allowed me an opportunity to gain insights into the strengths of our schools as well as the concerns of parents and students. Among the issues I would promote as a committee member is the continued progress being made at Medford Vocational Technical High School and Medford High School. Medford is one of the only local communities that is fortunate enough to have both schools as part of one campus.
Efforts to integrate both schools need to continue with academic opportunities for the students of the Voc-Tech expanding and career technical opportunities for high school students being cultivated. New shops as well as renovations and acquiring up-to-date equipment should be a top priority. I truly believe career and technical education needs to be prioritized. Not every student will take an academic path toward a four-year college. We need to make sure the education we provide them ensures they will be well-prepared and successful in the careers they chose.
My oldest children were among the first class of students to attend the new elementary schools from kindergarten through fifth grade. Throughout the years these schools have not been funded for proper maintenance, forcing reactive repairs versus proactive routine yearly maintenance. In order for these buildings to properly serve Medford residents for the long term, it is essential that a proper maintenance schedule be funded and implemented. We are fortunate enough to be able to walk to the Roberts school.
With that being said I’m acutely aware of the safety challenges students face while traveling to and from school. Issues with bus safety, overcrowding and scheduling are recurring each year. Walkers face their own challenges with dangerous areas for crosswalks, or no crosswalks at all, poor signage for school zones and accessibility issues. All children deserve a safe route to and from school.
Choosing to run for school community was no a decision I made lightly. The issues listed previously were just part of the catalyst for my decision. If elected, I would work to be the voice of parents and students. I’m determined to take the politics out of the committee and make sure decisions regarding our schools are made with the collaboration of all committee members, parents, administrators, students and community input. I respectfully ask for one of your votes on November, 7th. Thank you.

Mea Mustone: Good evening. My name is Mea Quinn Mustone, my husband Tim and I are the parents of six children, Quinn, 15, Teigen, 12, Colin, 11, Neva, nine, Rowan, eight, and Declan, five. Two of my children attend the Andrews Middle School and three attend the Roberts Elementary School. I am a lifelong resident of Medford and I proudly and humbly ask for your vote in my reelection bid for the Medford School Committee.
For the past 20 months, I have been serving as a school committee member. This is my first term. While many of our goals have been achieved, there are still many to work on. We addressed issues relevant to most parents, school bus transportation, large class sizes, special education, student safety, building and grounds maintenance, and student enrichment. As a school committee member, I have learned to work well with the mayor, the administration, fellow school committee and the Chief of Police to accomplish concrete improvements.
In the past, I helped to add a needed bus route to deal with overcrowded buses, I worked to add a stop sign at a busy bus intersection as well as to ensure proper snow removal at bus stops for the safety of our children. In regards to class sizes, we have maintained and supported small classroom sizes throughout the district.
As a committee member, I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with the Special Education Parent Advisory Committee addressing and ensuring all students needs are achieved. Our student enrichment has been enhanced with the hiring of two additional music teachers this year.
A concern that was new to me that was brought to me this year as a new committee member was the need to address the maintenance and beautification of Medford High School. A fellow mom and resident, Carolyn Montello shared with me some of her ideas and her vision of what she saw could see Medford high school to look like. With the mayor’s support, aesthetic improvements are happening at the high school. If there are other improvements that you would like to see happen, please reach out to me for suggestions.
One last project that I’m most excited about and is closest to my heart is our new partnership with the Greater Boston Food Bank. This summer, we ran a free fresh produce program in conjunction with our summer fun camp up here at the high school. This brought together the Greater Boston Food Bank and Medford Public Schools and I hope to have many more projects with them. Without question, I am invested in our schools and committed to ensuring that every child receives a caring, safe and challenging educational experience that will prepare them for the future.
I encourage you to please get in touch with me via email, it’s, on Facebook or my home phone 781-391-5909. Thank you for listening and I hope to meet you soon

Alexis Rodriguez: Greetings Medford. My name is Alexis Rodriguez and I am a candidate for the Medford School Committee. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the little Puerto Rican community in the Boston South Penn and the BHA Apartments of East Boston, I moved to Medford some 15 years ago when I met my wife Sheryl Rodriguez, your candidate for Medford City Council. I am a parent of two beautiful and amazing girls. The oldest, she’s over 21, is currently spreading her wings across the country and becoming the great human being we know she can be. We hope that, along with the special community in Medford and the Medford public schools, that we have prepared her for a life of adventures.
My youngest, she’s nine and is in the fourth grade at the Roberts Elementary School. A strong community of parents to have teachers and administrators working together to prepare her to be the great little human we know she can be.
I have been a financial and operations auditor for over 10 years. Before that, I was involved in some form of problem-solving capacity throughout my adult life. I worked for mass health messages Medicaid for almost 10 years while they were in Somerville. Then I worked for a little company of less than 300 employees in Waltham called athenahealth.
When athenahealth moved to Watertown and grew to become a leader in healthcare IT solutions with over 3,000 employees, I was given the opportunity to take on a career as an auditor, which I gladly embarked on for the next eight years. Two years ago, I became a senior auditor for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts. I couldn’t be happier helping the company drive healthcare forward. I have seen landscapes dramatically change and I’ve learned to navigate business in a manner that is fair and equitable to many stakeholders.
As a parent that has been in the Medford Public Schools ecosystem for over 15 years. In my fourth year as a board member of the Roberts Elementary School PTO, I know how hard our educators work throughout the various stages of our kids’ most formative years. I also know how important it is to maintain an open line of communication by which our educators can express openly what hardships they may be encountering in providing that education in its many forms to the children of Medford. I understand firsthand the difficulties in navigating the school system of channels and information from the parent’s side and as a board member of the school’s PTO.
As a kindergarten parent at the Roberts Elementary School some five years ago, I saw a need for improving the lines of communication with our community. I remember raising my hand and offering to fill the than vacant role of president. I was not appointed the president role but I have been in the role of secretary of my daughter’s PTO ever since. As a board member of the Roberts PTO, I worked to improve our online presence by creating our Facebook page and a website to eliminate hurdles of communication and providing the parents in our community with information about what is happening in their school and how they can be involved.
Since then, I have worked collaboratively in the school from hanging some 600 pieces of art for the school art show to lugging around 25 to 30 watermelons as a parent volunteer for field day and the coordinator. It has been a great experience to give back to the school and make an impact. It makes me want to do more as a member of the school committee. Our school committee should work with our educators to be the hub of information for our community at large. We can work towards streamlining the lines of communication.
As a school committee member, I would propose that each of us adopt a school and be that one school go to person. It can be very intimidating to communicate with a committee of several people as opposed to have that very one real person to talk to openly. That person can rotate annually so that they can be one figure that can better gain the pulse of the very diverse community of Medford.
When elected, I will work towards opening up those lines of communications and improving that social media presence with you the parents, staff, and administrators of our great community. Thank you for watching, vote for me Alexis Rodriguez for school committee on November 7th.

Michael: Friends and neighbors, my name is Michael Ruggiero and I’m running for school committee, let me tell you why. Somewhere in Medford three years ago a baby was born, lovely, curious and if anything like my pumpkins a bit of a trouble maker. Soon this beautiful child will be entering kindergarten with my son Caisson. Until I had a child, I could only see the rough outline of responsibility drawn by fatherhood yet being a parent has opened my eyes beyond the circle of my own family. As a math teacher with over seven years experience I know education is destiny. Every kindergartner’s future is shaped by the teachers and administrators standing in front of them.
It is an awesome responsibility the parents of Medford invest in our school system, it is your responsibility to elect the most capable people onto our school committee. Thank you for your time in considering my unique set of experiences but, before I job around about myself let’s talk about our schools, the Mustang’s make our city proud but is it too outrageous to imagine our schools as the best in Massachusetts? In the ’80s, Medford was placed on the top of almost every ranking in Massachusetts some even in America, people traveled the world to visit our schools, believe it or not.
Now, well we’ve fallen into the middle of the pack. US News and World Report ranks our sister cities Arlington 12th, Somerville 69th, Everett 89th in Massachusetts. Medford did not even crack into the top a hundred. Great schools ranks our district five to 10. Boston magazine ranks Medford 89 out of a hundred and twenty five Boston area schools. Our four year graduation rate has fallen from 87% to 80% in just a few years, these rankings are a wake up call. No student should aim for a B, let’s not settle for okay or average, let’s make our schools the best in Massachusetts.
No, strike that, let’s work as hard as our Mustangs play, let’s be the best school system in America. My teaching career has stretched from Shanghai to Philadelphia, I have experience teaching calculus in both elite universities and highly ranked public schools, I helped build a successful math team in Houston. I hope you give me the opportunity to help fortify the schools here in Medford. Currently I run an organic blueberry farm in Massachusetts, as a small business owner I know how to stretch a buck, I know that throwing money at a problem will not solve poor planning customers demand response of business, I hope to add this type of responsiveness to city government.
Here’s some plans to help move us forward, I only have time for four. First, we need to make our school committee more accessible to parents. As a parent of two little boys, I can tell you from personal experience, 6:30 on a weekday is a challenging time to hear about our schools. Let’s rotate our committee meetings into the weekends and provide entertainment so excited students and tired parents can attend our meetings and weigh in about the challenges in front of us. Second, let’s extend our relationship with local universities, we have a great relationship with Tufts University. Let’s talk to other schools like MIT and Harvard to open an internship and lecture opportunities.
Third, we need to reduce the disparities between our schools such as the McGlynn and Andrews middle schools. It is unacceptable that poverty rate at Andrews is half that of the McGlynn. These schools are side by side. Fourth, Let’s improve relations with parents of special needs children. By far the biggest complaint I hear among parents is resistance to individual education plans and these plans are mandated by the state. As a teacher I acted as a liaison between parents and administrators, I will continue this work on the school committee.
My campaign is about creating the most accessible and successful school district in Massachusetts. If you have some time check out my website or call me at 781-866-2191, I’m always happy to talk about our schools, hopefully after bedtime. The children of Medford deserve the best, join me and let’s take our schools from good to great.

Paul Ruseau: Hello. My name is Paul Ruseau. I’m a candidate for school committee. My husband Bob and I are the proud parents of our daughter Navea, a student at Columbus Elementary, and our son Matthew, a student at Andrew’s Middle School. Our schools have so much going for them. We have incredibly dedicated teachers and staff. My own family has utilized special education services, and we have had a great experience with the caring and qualified specialists that our schools employ.
I feel fortunate that I can say all of the teachers we have had through the years have been exceptional. I know that not all families have had the positive experiences we have had. I believe there is much that can be done to improve communications and transparency to ensure fairness. I will work to improve access to opportunities already available within our schools. [unintelligible 00:00:48] to the elementary schools will improve access to tutoring as well as the amazing enrichment programs that our PTOs provide.
Growing up, I lacked many of the advantages my own children enjoy. My childhood experiences have given me great insight into the many challenges faced by some children and families in our community. From food insecurity, housing, violence, and neglect, I am able to understand these issues on a personal level. I will consider all of these realities when setting policies and priorities for our school system. In my day job, I am a software engineer, and a former development manager and have worked in healthcare for nearly 20 years.
This has given me experience in complex problem-solving with competing demands and priorities while creating solutions that satisfy all stakeholders. For example, I became aware of a problem with immunization rates not being where they should be for inpatient hospitalizations. The problem was fairly well understood, but the solutions that had been tried had little effect on the outcome.
My outsider perspective combined with my education in human factors allowed me to craft a new solution to this problem that resulted in dramatic improvements in rates of vaccination. I’m particularly interested in how digital life in computing has changed all of our lives and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. It is unlikely that in only 20 years that we won’t look back at today and think it was archaic.
Our children will live in a world we won’t recognize. We must ensure they have the orientation towards continuous learning and critical thinking so their futures may be bright. My decision to run for school committee was partly influenced by the positive experiences my family has had within the Metro Public Schools, and my core belief that public schools are the foundation of strong communities. While collating the computer science club at the Columbus elementary, I was inspired by the students and their incredible interest in computer programming. I am also aware that not all of our students have equal access to participate in these important enrichment activities offered by our PTOs. I will ensure all of our students have access to these opportunities.
Since I decided to run for school committee in March, I have attended every school committee meeting. I attend so that I can hear what questions and concerns are being raised and how I might approach these issues. I want to be ready and effective from day one because the work of the school committee doesn’t take a break when new members arrive. I am excited about the prospects in Metro Public Schools and the many opportunities our children have.
I am looking forward to working with other committee members, parents, teachers, and administrators to make sure we have an effective learning environment with the tools policies and commitments necessary to ensure our children have the best education we can provide. Our community can only be stronger with stronger schools. We all benefit greatly from working to build our children into the best citizens and members of our community that we can.
Thank you for taking the time to listen to me. I would be grateful to have the opportunity to serve our community and would appreciate your vote on November 7th.

Paulette Van der Kloot: My name is Paulette Van der Kloot and it’s been my honor to serve on the Medford School Committee for 28 years. For those of you who don’t know me, I want you to know that once upon a time, my husband Bob and I were the new kids on the block. You all know how the story goes, we met, fell in love, got married, bought a house in Medford, became parents to three wonderful daughters. Somewhere early in the game, I became deeply involved volunteering in Medford schools. I ran for school committee as someone who had not grown up here, but who valued what we saw in this community and wanted to work to make it an even better place to live.
I’m still at it. I have worked hard to bring advancement to the Medford Public Schools. For me, this is not a job well done, it’s a job that keeps on needing to be done. This is especially true now. During this term, I anticipate that the Medford Public Schools will face the most significant change we’ve had in 20plus years with the retirement of our Superintendent, Roy Belson and possibly other key administrators. We’ve had unprecedented stability compared to so many cities and towns in Massachusetts. Roy and his team have served us well over the years.
Being superintendent is a wickedly difficult and challenging job. No superintendent will make everyone happy but like Roy, they can and should be an educational leader who is committed to Medford and works tirelessly to move us forward. Superintendents are as a group in short supply. It is essential that the school committee set up an open, thorough inclusive selection process so that our community can feel confident that the next superintendent will be ready to tackle the challenges of the future. Additionally, I believe the next step will be to develop a vibrant, realistic five-year plan for the Medford Public Schools.
It will be the great responsibility of this elected school committee to select the new leadership team, then chart the course for our schools and provide a smooth and well-done transition. The next two years will have other challenges.
Funding is always critical. Favorably, our administrators and teachers continually work together to submit grant applications and Medford has been awarded over $6 million in grants and revenues beyond the appropriated budget. These range from grants targeted for opioid prevention, financial literacy and the new restaurant that will support our culinary students, Bistro 489.
We have gone through rapid and terrific period of change at the high school level, which has brought down the wall between the traditional high school and vocational technical school. Over the last four years, we’ve grown our Chapter 74 programs from 11 to 20, nearly doubled. More students now have access to educational opportunities because of these changes and our resources were able to be used to strengthen our programs internally rather than being lost to outside tuitions. Now, it is essential that we make sure that these changes are solidified and are truly working for all our students.
We continue to be excited by the possibilities the technology brings to learning, but at the same time, the need for continuous upgrades is challenging and costly. This year, 50 Chromebooks and charging carts were added to each school. Class size has been kept low and is the envy of other school districts.
Our budget has been consistently balanced for 10 years. This year, new funding was appropriated for elementary science materials and we are piloting new elementary science texts. We added a new foreign language teacher, an additional health teacher at the middle school level to strengthen our program.
We consistently support our music and arts programs. I personally think I hold the record for attending student concerts. Our students continue to excel and bring us great pride. As a longtime committee member, I bring the benefit of the long view. I’ve seen so many students growing and graduate and go on to have successful careers and families. Those kids are now my colleagues at work, they are teachers in our schools, they are even candidates for public office this election.
One of the things I know best though is that this job is never done, new issues arise, new concerns need to be addressed. Complacency is never acceptable and I promise you that I will diligently address issues and concerns that arise. When I first ran for school committee, it was never just about my kids, it was always about all of our kids, our families, and our community. I am a proven commodity. With your vote, I will continue to be an active voice for our children, our families, and our community.
At work, I’m the supervisor of the high school volunteer program at Winchester hospital. I am blessed to work with students from Medford and surrounding towns every day. These students keep me connected and current.
Lastly, I would like to mention that Ann Frenning Kossuth and I co-founded the Medford Educational Foundation, which supports innovative teaching in Medford classrooms. For the past two years, we have worked with a fabulous group of volunteers who are committed to enhancing opportunities for all of our students. Find out more at Please feel free to email me at or call me at 6173 3595 55. I have been extraordinarily fortunate to serve the citizens of Medford. With deep respect, I ask you to please give a hoot, vote Van der Kloot.

Robert Emmett Skerry: Good day. My name is Robert Emmett Skerry, Jr., and I’m a candidate for re-elections in the Medford School Committee. I want to put my years of experience to work for you and the children of Medford. Medford has vastly improved its standing among public schools in the area with modernized facilities to help our children and staff flourish in the best educational setting possible.
The gravity of these changes to the educational system required a strong and steady hand on the school committee in the past and will do so in the future, My experience, drive, presence, and commitment to the Medford educational community enable me to achieve results no matter what the obstacles. I demand nothing less for our young minds attending our schools.
I work tirelessly for keeping class sizes small, constant updating of our curriculum district-wide, acquiring additional funding services, such as partnerships with the Bloomberg Foundation, Global Scholars, and the National Foundation. We’ve been creating new vocational programs in robotic technology. We’ve expanded our counseling services in kindergarten through the 12th grade.
We continue to stress growth, health, and wellness of all our students. We’ve kept art and music programs, we offer quality extra curriculum athletic programs, continuing preventative maintenance programs system-wide, and balancing budgets through tough fiscal times. I’ll advocate to create a five-year master plan for our buildings’ maintenance initiative. Key parts of such a plan will include developing green spaces around our buildings that will beautify them, and possibly develop a greenhouse here at Medford High School.
I’ll advocate and review school security plans on a timely basis. Doing so will ensure security monitors are always in optimal operation to foster the physical and emotional security of our students, faculty, and staff.
Education is the cornerstone of a prosperous community. At Medford, I will place the highest priority on giving our young citizens every chance to achieve their dreams. My school board experience through good times and bad provides the perspective and skills to fix any problems, overcome bureaucratic obstacles, and further the successes of our students to achieve. An education obtained in our schools permit youngsters to compete socially, civically, and successfully in our global economy.
The school budget is the foundation upon which a successful educational outcome is built. Across the nation, financial failings are registered daily, but we in Medford are working hard to ensure that the hard-earned dollars of you the taxpayers are best put to use, and that sound programs and class size limits are in place and are enforced. I will scrutinize expenditures to assure funds are used prudently on behalf of, and to benefit our students in a timely fashion.
I advocate and I’m the voice for proven programs that give Medford’s children the ability to flourish and succeed in today’s world. These programs enable graduates to compete for a job, to complete advanced education, and continue lifelong learning after high school so that they prosper and remain civically minded.
I require new programs to substantiate their effectiveness before funding and implementing. I’ll work tirelessly to increase public, private partnerships, and to expand community relations with institutions of higher learning. I fight to advance educational strategies to support students throughout their schooling and to maximize the number of students who graduate from Medford High School, prepared for the future.
I never fear to challenge the current school administration to provide remediation programs so that no willing student is denied their high school diploma. As always, I bring the concerns of parents and students to the school committee table. Parental involvement is crucial in a child’s life. I believe that parents and schools must work in unison to create the best possible educational environment for our kids. While parents have a nurturing and protective nature with respect to their children, they must understand that the goals and objectives of our professional educations should be embraced rather than undermined.
Our PTOs and school councils work very hard for our children, and I foster and encourage their endeavors on behalf of all our students. As a member of the school committee, I’ve never feared speaking my mind against frivolous spending and personal appointments that are not in the best interest of our community. I demand accountability from our school personnel and strongly promote professional development of our staff and personnel. We must strive for academic excellence, and MCATs mastery, and offer advanced tutorials in math, science, English, for all our students to ensure proficiency in math proficiency and master of the subject matter.
I will encourage the school administration to promote after-school and Saturday workshops to enhance MCATs and test-taking for elementary and middle school students. Medford is a diverse community. Our children’s differences must be respected through the implementation of a curriculum tailored to our children’s needs and abilities through successfully complete state-mandated testing. I realize as well as you do parents that each child learns at a different pace, on a different level and we want to make sure all our children receive the best education possible.
The ideal educational experience in Medford prepares our students to start school on a firm footing, encourages them to pursue their educational journey through high school and beyond, promotes competency and career skills and instills a lifelong thirst for knowledge. We as adults owe it to our succeeding generations to provide the tools they need to face the economic, civic and social demands of maturity. I will preserve to bring the educational interests of you our citizens forward and city government when elected in November.
In summary, my candidacy for the School Committee, I remain committed to the children and residents of Medford. I ask for one of your six votes on November 7th. Thank you and God bless America.