About us

Medford Community Media is the public, education, and government access channel provider for the city of Medford, Massachusetts.

How do I watch Medford Community Media?

Medford Community Media is available on both Comcast and Verizon channels within the city of Medford. Select videos are also available to stream anytime on our website.


What are your channels?

Public Access Channel
Comcast 3 | Verizon 47

Educational Access Channel
Comcast 15 | Verizon 45

Government Access Channel
Comcast 22 | Verizon 43

How do I submit a show?

Medford residents can submit a program they produced to air on Medford Community Media by filling out a simple form.

Non-Medford residents can request a program be aired on their behalf by a resident of Medford.

How Do I Create a Show?

We offer a few ways to get your show off the ground. All residents are welcome to attend a field camera training so they can then take out cameras. Staff assisted studio programs are also taped on a weekly basis.

How do I become a member?

If you’re interested in becoming a member of Medford Community Media please click the button below and someone from our team will contact you soon.